A Note From A Happy Customer

“Guitar arrived safe and sound – thank God no hint of damage – even on the outside of the box. It must have had a pleasant trip – the weather here today was gorgeous – 70 degrees by noon. Then the temperature started dropping – going very low tonight, so the guitar made it just in time. I have it tuned back up to normal pitch and it is a joy to play. Action is right where I wanted it, and the neck feels really good in my hand.
I’m glad it’s 1-11/16″ at the nut. 
Just right.

Pictures just can’t capture this guitar or do it justice, because every time you move it or see it from a different angle, it lights up in a different area. Especially true for the headstock inlay. Great guitar for finger picking – even without metal picks. Sustain is in a league of its own. I credit that to Adirondack spruce top – and the age of the spruce too.

But the wood is wasted if the guy who builds the guitar is not a craftsman of your caliber, Marty. No bullshit – you did one hell of a great job on this guitar – I’m happy to say I got something special. I don’t butter people up – never did – never will.
If I didn’t mean every word, I would just keep my mouth shut!!!

Take care and thanks, Lewis


Customize Your Own NGC Instrument

Custom order a guitar or banjo…

  • The first consideration would be the SIZE of the guitar you want.
  • The next choice would be the type of WOOD you’d prefer for construction of the top, back and sides.
  • An instrument can be customized to FIT your hands and your GRIP.
  • We can design CUSTOM INLAYS for a unique look.

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